How To Become A Hypnotist

Hypnotic skills can help you transform your own life, and those of your family and friends. Overcome obstacles. Improve your relationships. Build your career to a higher level. Enhance your inner peace and enjoyment of life.

Many of our students first came to us as clients. They were so amazed at their results that they kept coming back for more. Some have become professional hypnotists, enjoying the satisfaction of building rewarding a lucrative careers. Others continue to use their skills to enhance their own personal and professional lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

Only you know what you want and need. That is why we customize our programs to the individual wants, needs and goals of each student. Call us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you apply this amazing art to enhance your life.

Awesome Experience Helping People And Earning A Great Income*

Introducing Hypnosis Training Canada

Having worked with thousands of clients, we know the incredible power that hypnosis has to change lives. Our mission is to give people the best hypnosis training to help themselves and others reach full potential and live more rewarding lives.

At Hypnosis Training Canada, you can take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Hands-on practical experience
  • A world class curriculum that draws of the best wisdom of generations of hypnotists
  • Learning to read people
  • Developing behavioural flexibility necessary to help others change
  • Laser sharp feedback so you can hone your skills
  • Expert guidance to help you break through your own limitations
  • Fast-tracked success with the Master Hypnotist Society approach that has been developed over 35 years and with tens of thousands of real life clients
  • Business and entrepreneurial skills to build a successful career

Nettie Is Amazed At The Changes She Sees In Herself & Others With Hypnosis Training*

Hypnosis Training in 3-D

Learning, divorced from reality, is also known as wasted potential. Each student at Hypnosis Training Canada has different learning goals and outcomes. We customize your experience to help you transform and integrate your new skills in a way that is meaningful and practical to you.

All of our students are encouraged to apply their learning to real life situations, and each student receives personal feedback on their performance.

We expect our students to approach their training with an open mind. Kind of like being an actor in a play. If you are learning to speak with a French accent, the fastest way to learn is by imitating someone who has a great French accent.

We pull back the curtain and reveal the artistry of hypnosis. Our students get hands-on, front row seats in real time hypnosis sessions. Performed by Master Hypnotists with actual clients at the Burlington Hypnosis Centre. The opportunity to experience a busy hypnosis practice with everyday clients increases student learning. It also helps those students who are building hypnosis careers to model how to run a successful hypnosis practice.

Those students who wish to pursue a career as a professional hypnotist receive the feedback they need to develop the personal characteristics and attitude necessary for success: A sense of commitment, personal responsibility, self-motivation, and the true professionalism required to put the client’s needs at the forefront and build a successful business.

The student who achieves excellence at all levels of our training can have the opportunity to earn an executive level income. The student’s attitude, entrepreneurial skills, and execution of a plan of action are, of course, as important to success as mastering the hypnotic skills.

You Can Fast Track Your Success

We have helped a mountain of clients get results. We continue to thrive amidst ever-changing circumstances. Our business was built from the ground up, so we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. You have the opportunity to gain a major advantage by learning from our extensive hypnosis and business experience, so you can:

  • Avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Develop the ability to help your future clients get the results they paid you for.
  • Learn best practices from the experts.
  • Discover the secrets of how to run a successful hypnosis business.

Our comprehensive approach makes MHS career education the most intelligent choice offered today. You can get the distinct and clear advantage of high-end, hands-on, results-oriented hypnosis and business training at a real life hypnosis clinic with actual paying clients.

Freedom + Satisfaction = A Life Well Lived

This is the magic equation. A rare find. This real opportunity is available to you. Now it is up to you to take action. An exciting career awaits you. This is your personal invitation to become a Professional Hypnotist and have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Being your own boss
  • Having freedom & independence
  • Realizing your potential & engaging in life-long learning
  • Getting the satisfaction of helping others
  • Creating a life of health, wealth & happiness
  • Hypnosis Training Canada is Expanding

    We have been offering our custom hypnosis training programs to small groups of people that have been lucky enough to find us. We know there is a dire need for more comprehensive and practical hypnosis training. So, we are expanding our offerings to accommodate more students. Here are upcoming training dates.

    If you are ready to begin your training now, Hypnosis Training Canada is accepting a limited number of people to begin their studies on a rolling admissions basis. Call 905-634-4777 to set up a free consultation. At this time we will see if our training is right for you.

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