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5 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Get Better Coaching Results

How Hypnosis Can Help Your Coaching Clients Get Out Of Their Heads & Confidently Take Action For Better Results

A woman in a red shirt sits on a chair; coaching hypnosis with Hypnosis Training Canada

As a coach, one of the toughest but most rewarding parts of the job is helping people break free from old habits and achieve their goals.

Sometimes, we can see where someone is stuck and what they need to change, but they struggle to make the change. This happens because their subconscious mind is holding onto old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

That's where hypnosis comes in handy. Because hypnosis helps us communicate at a subconscious level, hypnotic communication can help the subconscious mind embrace something new.

Here are five ways hypnosis training can improve your coaching practice:

1. Discover Hidden Subconscious Patterns

People often find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns that are hindering growth and progress. Sometimes these patterns are so deeply rooted that we unconsciously rely on attitudes and behaviours that are actually getting in our way.

With hypnosis training, you learn how to identify and change subconscious patterns.

Take Shona Welsh, an experienced leadership coach for more than 25 years. In an interview she did with Director of Hypnosis Training Canada, Robbie Spier Miller, she shared that with hypnosis training she had an experience that helped her become aware and let go of her deep-rooted reliance on structure and control.

Robbie Spier Miller of Hypnosis Training Canada with Shona Welsh

2. Make Real Life Changes

Once we become aware of how we are stuck, hypnosis can help our subconscious mind be confident and safe with embracing new choices.  We tend to hold on to old un-useful beliefs and behaviours because our subconscious mind believes it is helping us to - very literally - survive.  It is the same mechanism that prevents us from forgetting how to swim when we are in the middle of the lake.  Reassuring the subconscious mind that the new choices are at least as safe or safer than the old ones helps the subconscious mind be on board with the change.

Penny Alalouf, a professional coach, reflects on her experience from training in both NLP and Basic Hypnosis: “I’ve gained a better understanding of why people do things and how to move them to a place where they can be more resourceful and the changes they make can be more useful.”

Watch the full video where Penny shares more about how she is more confident, taking action and trusting herself more then ever since taking training.

3. Experience Personal Growth

Hypnosis training isn't just about helping others, it's also an opportunity for profound personal growth. As coaches, we are constantly looking to learn and evolve both ourselves and our skill set, so that we can support our clients in the best way possible.

When doing hypnosis training, you will have the opportunity to become aware of your own un-useful patterns, break free of them, and build new choices that help you get what you want. By doing so, you gain real-life insight into how subconscious change happens.  This helps you be more authentic and effective for your coaching clients.

For example, learning how to let go of perfectionism and embrace vulnerability can be liberating, make it easier to take action, and clear the way for fostering genuine connections, both personally and professionally.

Robbie Spier Miller, Director of Hypnosis Training Canada, explains that we tend to play subconscious magic tricks on ourselves, distracting us from the areas where we need growth. For example, we often focus on what we are good at and steer away from what is more challenging for us.  This is because it feels safe and rewarding to be good at something.  Ultimately these magic tricks can become crutches or security blankets that limit us.  Sometimes people feel resistant to feedback instead of being curious about how it can help them. New learning for many is discovering that it’s a win to get feedback in areas where we are less skilled.

“It is natural to feel some resistance to getting feedback, because it can be perceived as a threat to our self-worth, acceptance or safety in the world.  With hypnosis training, students discover how to receive feedback in a way that helps them grow, learn and do more in the world than they ever imagined.” — Robbie Spier Miller, Director, Hypnosis Training Canada

4. Deliver Impactful Experiences Tailored To Each Client

Hypnosis training helps coaches get connected with their clients so it is easier to see what the client really needs on a subconscious level.  This gives you the ability to tailor your coaching approach to meet their unique needs, ultimately fostering deeper rapport and trust, leading to better results.

Leadership Coach Shona Welsh explains that she now conducts her coaching sessions completely differently. Before hypnosis training, she quickly jumped to solutions.  Now she spends more time getting really curious about her clients and their situation. This shift has helped her connect more deeply with her clients, ultimately address the root of the problem, and help the client experience more profound changes and results.

5. Improve Personal & Professional Relationships

Learning hypnosis can help you get to know yourself and others on a subconscious level.  This makes it easier to have more genuine connections and communication.  Stepping into the subconscious world of ourselves and others brings awareness that makes it easier to navigate relationships with wisdom and skill.

The versatility and efficacy of hypnosis training go beyond just the world of coaching. Techniques can easily be applied to many real-life scenarios, from diffusing conflict to managing stress and improving relationships.

As an example, Shona shares some of the benefits she has experienced since taking hypnosis training, including losing weight, managing stress in better ways and enhancing her relationships.

Watch now to hear more from Shona here:

For personal and business coaches, hypnosis training offers a pathway to a new level of personal growth, stronger relationships, greater business success and better client results. 

Ready to take the next step on your coaching journey?

Join us for our upcoming Basic Hypnosis Training and see for yourself how hypnosis can makes a difference. Call us today or book your free consultation online to learn more about how hypnosis training can enhance your coaching practice.

Watch the full interview with Shona Welsh and Robbie or watch the video with Penny Alalouf to hear firsthand accounts of their results with hypnosis and NLP training.


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