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The Relationship Between Hypnosis, My Yoga Practice, & My Life

Grateful For Discovering The Never Ending Gift Of Hypnosis

By Tree Ryde**, Hypnotist & Yoga Instructor


I was originally drawn to yoga as a way to enhance my life, to become more fully myself - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There were clouds blocking the sun that was my essence. I was seeking to learn how to let those clouds float away and allow the sun to shine through.

I was worried about family issues. My self-confidence was shaky. I was newly married and was looking for ways our relationship could become even better. 

I also wanted to advance in my day time career and be a better yoga instructor.

Yoga was fascinating to me because it is a way to change ourselves through our bodies. What the body is holding on to. What it is willing to release. Where our minds will or will not let us go. How to settle our minds and bodies down enough to connect with the spirit within us. How can we yogis’ bring our yoga practice into our everyday lives?

Then I Hit a Wall

Where the mind goes the body follows. Try doing balancing postures when the mind is racing…a wiggle and a wobble for sure. And then the judgement and emotions follow; self-doubt, frustration, disappointment.

I took countless yoga workshops to learn more about yoga postures, restorative yoga, Ashtanga yoga, mindfulness and more. Yet, none of them helped me learn how to help people get out of their heads and get their mind, body and spirit in sync.

When I was teaching yoga, many of my yogis’ minds were racing, and they didn’t know how to stop. Even when they learned mindfulness, their minds continued to race. This made them even more frustrated because mindfulness was yet another beacon to shine on where they were “falling short” in life.

Some yogis’ were able to calm their minds, but it was only temporary. The yoga practice helped them surrender into themselves. Then they returned to their everyday lives only to go back to their old mind racing self-judgement routine.

Truth be told, I was struggling in similar ways as my yogis’.

Discovering Hypnosis Changed My World

Doing online marketing for Canadian health pros, Burlington Hypnosis Centre became one of my clients. This literally changed my whole world. I was going through the client testimonials and I could not believe the transformations that happened there. I needed to know more and learn how to help myself and my yogi’s experience these changes.

I had no idea how magical it was going to be for my life when I signed up for hypnosis training with Hypnosis Training Canada. I have seen amazing changes in the yogis’ I teach, and so much more.

Learning hypnosis was like having a yoga instructor correct your pose in life. You may have been doing a pose a certain way for years, and all of a sudden a shift changes the whole experience. The entire pose looks and feels different. You finally get what it’s really about. You are clear about how to move your body, where to put your awareness.

I am no longer in my head about the day today. Life is forever changing. Now I feel confident that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it.

My marriage is just amazing. We love and appreciate each other. We have learned to communicate in ways that help us grow closer even in the face of challenges. It continues to get better and better in ways I never imagined.

I have advanced in my career and increased my income substantially.

I have developed healthy boundaries with family and friends. My relationships with people are so much better.

I see my personal and professional outcomes and goals clearly. For each goal, I see a clear path and I am confident I can take the actions along that path to arrive at the destination. 

I feel the love pour out of my heart every morning I wake up and kiss the world a hello.

I am truly humbled at the change and development stemming from my experience at Hypnosis Training Canada.

I would not be where I am today without hypnosis training. WOW, I am so thankful to go on this journey.

To yogis’, yoga gurus, fitness trainers, and others: If you want to take your life to the next level, hypnosis training can be a powerful way to continue your personal journey.

**Tree Ryde is the Director of Burlington Hypnosis Centre.

Find out more here.

If you are ready for the feedback and experience you need for greater success, call 800-971-5774 to set up a free consultation. At this time we will see if our hypnosis training is right for you.

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