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Meet Robbie Spier Miller from Hypnosis Training Canada Inc.

You & Hypnosis Training Canada

You are here because you are intrigued by the possibilities of hypnosis. You want more success. You want to learn hypnosis to help your family or friends, or, to start an exciting new career as a hypnotist. Add powerful hypnotic skills to what you already do. You are looking for the best hypnosis training.

I'm Robbie Spier Miller, Director of Hypnosis Training Canada. As a lifetime achievement award winner from the National Guild of Hypnotists,I understand what you are expecting from learning hypnosis for real. We know that traditional classroom learning and spoon-feeding miss the mark. That is why we structure our programs so you can learn hypnosis skillfully. We expect you to be open to feedback from an expert trainer. Willing to model what works. Curious enough to pop out of your own way of looking at the world and see new perspectives.

If this describes you, read on...

hypnosis training canada students with Robbie Spier Miller
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2023 Readers Choice Diamond Award Adult Eduction

Robbie Spier Miller, Director of Hypnosis Training Canada with Hypnosis Training Students in the Greater Toronto Area at the Sandman Hotel Oakville, Ontario, Canada

How To Become A Hypnotist: The Inside Story

I'm sure there has never been a career counsellor who suggested that a student become a hypnotist. Some luck and my own struggles led me to this amazing second career.

Many years ago, I was working as an IT consultant. I was struggling with stress and my confidence was low. My husband, who had been learning hypnosis and NLP since his teens, suggested we learn hypnosis together.

At first I was skeptical. Then I noticed my self-confidence and attitude improved dramatically. I was more focused and goal-oriented. I found it easier to deal with people and politics. It was amazing. So I kept learning hypnosis, and life got better and better.

I consider hypnosis a gift that you can use for a lifetime to assist you in attaining goals and living a more rewarding and fulfilling life. I'm not exaggerating. Hypnosis helps you realize your true potential. The more you use hypnosis, the more value you place on it because it allows you to maintain your focus, set priorities and achieve goals.

In 2006, I took the leap. Left my IT career and devoted myself to my passion. Helping people improve their lives with hypnosis. I built Burlington Hypnosis and never looked back.

In 2012, I founded Hypnosis Training Canada,  so that I could share the benefits of hypnosis with even more people.  The school has been growing by leaps and bounds.  One of my early hypnosis training students, Tree Ryde, is now at the helm of Burlington Hypnosis, and we a collaborating closely: Students have the opportunity to observe Tree help real clients get results at the clinic.  I focus on helping you, the hypnosis students, learn and grow your capacity to help yourselves and others.

For many years we held our hypnosis and NLP trainings at various hotels and conference centres in Burlington, Oakville and Toronto. In 2024 we opened a training facility in Burlington that is dedicated to helping you succeed with hypnosis and NLP training. The Art Gallery of Burlington, where we sometimes held classes, was the inspiration for the look and feel of our new space. It is wonderful to have a beautiful environment where we can learn and grow together.

Robbie Spier Miller - Tree Ryde - Web -

Robbie Spier Miller, Director, Hypnosis Training Canada with Tree Ryde, Director, Burlington Hypnosis 

About Robbie Spier Miller

Order Of The Braid, recognizing a lifetime of achievement, National Guild of Hypnotists


Master Trainer, Master Hypnotist Society


Director, Hypnosis Training Canada


Director, Master Hypnotist Society Canada


Director, Burlington Hypnosis Centre


Founding Member, Master Hypnotist Society - 2012

Certified Instructor, National Guild of Hypnotists - 2012

Integral Coach, New Ventures West - 2003

Masters of Arts, Tufts University - 1997

Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto - 1993

Introducing The Master Hypnotist Society

Robbie Spier Miller is one of the founders of the Master Hypnotist Society and Master Hypnotist Society Canada. We have collectively helped tens of thousands of people change their lives with the power of hypnosis over a period of 35 years.  This real-life application of hypnosis informs our methods geared at helping people get results.


There is a serious need to raise the bar on hypnosis training and mentoring. So we are sharing our secrets to help you build your hypnosis career. MHS methods have produced the largest number of successful hypnotists in the history of the hypnosis industry.

If you feel this is the right place for you to learn hypnosis, call me and we will discuss your wants, needs and goals, and see if this hypnosis training is a good fit for you.  Call 800-971-5774 to set up a free consultation.

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