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Neuro-Linguistic Programming  
Training Curriculum

Join other students from across Canada and learn skills to enhance communication, relationships and self-mastery for personal and professional success with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training from Hypnosis Training Canada.

NLP benefits anyone working with people including Managers, Sales, Law Enforcement, Counsellors, and Health Care.

Discover how you can become a certified hypnotist through our various courses available both online & in person. Contact us today for more information about Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses available online & in-person in Burlington and across the GTA or you can book a free consultation today.

Classroom Module Dates 

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Fri. June 7 - Mon. June 10, 2024

Fri. November 22 - Mon. November 25, 2024

Fri. March 28 - Mon. March 31, 2025

All Classes Are 9 AM - 4:30 PM Each Day

Early Bird Tuition $977*

Early Bird rate ends 14 days before the start of each class

Regular Tuition $1077

Payment Plans Available 

Call 800-971-5774 for your admissions consultation, or book your appointment online.

Open Your Eyes 

“It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars a year that I’m going to be adding to my bottom line and to be able to help people at the same time. I was afraid to take risks. Now I feel like I can go out and take on the world. This is the place you want to come. Your eyes will be open to so many more possibilities.”*

-Brenda Johnston,

Nutritional Therapist,

Guelph, Ontario, Canada 


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training in Ontario

The NLP Practitioner Training will cover the following:​

Communication Skills

  • Learn to communicate with people in a powerful way by using verbal and non-verbal language.

  • Build rapport & create instant connections with people

  • Create powerful metaphors

  • Hone your non-verbal communication

  • Creatively utilize whatever is happening around you to influence the situation

  • Learn the secrets of master communicators


Sensory Acuity

  • Expand sensory awareness

  • Read body language

  • Eye accessing cues

How To Understand Yourself & Others

Learn how people represent internal reality, and how to use this to help maximize resourcefulness, communicate effectively and reach goals:

  • Sensory based representation

  • Spatial representation

  • Past/Present/Future representations

  • Read people

  • Recognize behaviour patterns in yourself and others, and learn how to change them

Behavioural Strategies

  • Discover how people make decisions

  • Motivation strategies

  • Love & relationship strategies

  • Modelling For Success


Work Profiles

Learn to develop the state of mind and behaviour to maximize effectiveness in different work situations:

  • Management

  • Team

  • Individual

Accessing the Resourceful States

  • Learn how to use anchors to increase resourcefulness in yourself and others

  • Be your best self, even in tough situations

  • Eliminate bad moods

  • Break out of unwanted emotional states and choose positive emotional states

  • Remove the emotional charge from unpleasant memories

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Learn the secrets of how to get in the “zone”, a state used by professional athletes and top performers in all fields

  • Get over fears

  • Let go of bad relationships and heal your heart

Building Agreement

  • Ways to resolve and defuse conflict

  • Negotiation skills

  • Dovetailing outcomes for win-win

  • Reframing

  • Uncovering & addressing hidden agendas

  • Values Alignment


Achieving Goals

  • Learn how to define a goal effectively and reverse engineer the actions & attitudes needed to reach the goal

  • Speed learning

Space is limited to maximize student learning - so register early!

Call 800-971-5774 for your admissions consultation or book a time here.
Transform Yourself And Your Possibilities

"The course has done so much more for me than I could ever have imagined. My confidence is higher than anytime in my life. Thank you for helping guide me though my transformation."*

-- Andrew P.

Enhance Communication & Relationships

"I feel energized and can go forward in my life with more confidence, feeling more comfortable in social situations."*

-- Deb C.

For Personal & Professional Success

"My goal is to help coach other people to their ultimate wellness. I had the opportunity to practice the techniques using my own goals and challenges and feel very confident in my abilities to transform others in the future."*

-- J.B.

Attend At Our Risk…Not Yours

If you are not satisfied with your training by the end of the first morning, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Admission Requirements: Prior to admission, students are required to complete an application and attend an interview in-person or by phone. Call 800-971-5774 to schedule your admissions consultation.

Training Policies

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