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Business Mindset 

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Hypnosis Training Canada can help develop your business success mindset through training, coaching, consulting and speaking. Learn more about our upcoming business mindset seminars available in Burlington and surrounding areas. 

Neuroscience confirms what hypnotists have long observed: subconscious communication can help your mind break free from old patterns, fostering greater flexibility and openness to growth and learning. It has also been scientifically proven that subconscious communication aids in regulating emotions, reducing stress, improving communication, and enhancing social connections. Now you can learn how to make the most of this natural resource we all have.


We offer workshops, and customized training programs on-site and off-site at our private training facility or a location of your choice.


Business seminar topics include public speaking, hypnotic marketing, confident networking, rapport & people reading, communication skillsmoney mindset, and more.

Schedule your free consultation to explore the wants, needs and goals you have for your business. At this time we will suggest how we can best help you and your organization reach your goals.

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Upcoming Business Seminars in Burlington, Ontario


Effective networking is essential for professional growth and business success. Join us for a hands-on 2-hour workshop designed to help you build confidence in your networking skills. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the business community, this session will provide you with practical tips and strategies to make meaningful connections that can propel your career and business forward. Learn how to connect with others confidently, engage in conversations that leave a lasting impression, and follow up effectively to nurture your new relationships.

Building Confidence

  • Overcoming common networking fears and anxieties.

  • Developing a confident mindset and body language.

  • Practicing rapport skills.

Engaging in Meaningful Conversations

  • Starting conversations with ease.

  • Creating genuine connections.

  • Dovetailing what others need with what you have to offer.

Follow-Up Strategies

  • Best practices for following up after networking events.

  • Maintaining and nurturing your new connections.

  • Leveraging social media and other tools for continued engagement.

Q&A and Interactive Exercises

  • Open floor for participants to ask questions and share experiences.

  • Interactive exercises to reinforce key concepts.

  • Networking practice session to apply what you've learned.

This is your opportunity to learn how to network effectively, build meaningful business relationships, and expand your professional network.


Join us and discover how to become a more confident and successful networker!

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Wednesday September 18, 2024

7:30-10 AM

Includes a light breakfast, coffee and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $47 (until 1 week before)

Regular $57

"I once felt shy and awkward about approaching people at events, and now I
do it every day. I host talks for groups and feel totally comfortable sharing

my skills with large groups of people."

- Jessica Taylor, Director, Pleasant Hypnosis

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Unlock the power of your emotions to drive business success! Join us for an engaging workshop designed for business owners who want to learn how enhance emotional connection to build stronger relationships, achieve outstanding results, and enhance their intuition.

In this dynamic session, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and understand your emotional triggers

  • Manage and channel your emotions productively

  • Use your emotions to enhance decision-making and leadership skills

  • Build authentic, trusting relationships with clients and employees

  • Harness your emotions to sharpen your intuition and make better business decisions

  • Foster a positive and resilient mindset to navigate business challenges

Through practical exercises, real-world scenarios, and expert guidance, you'll discover how to use your emotions as a strategic asset. Whether you're aiming to boost productivity, inspire your team, or tackle complex business situations with confidence, this workshop will equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

Take this opportunity to channel your emotional energy into a powerful driver for your business success!

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Thursday October 10, 2024 - 7:30-10 AM

Includes a light breakfast, coffee and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $47 (until 1 week before)

Regular $57


Step into the world of Hypnotic Communication and discover how to ethically and effectively influence consumer behaviour for the customer’s benefit. This specialized workshop is designed for entrepreneurs and experienced marketers who want to enhance their communication skills using the principles of hypnosis and NLP. Learn how to guide your audience towards decisions that are in their best interest, fostering trust and long-term loyalty.


Key Takeaways:

  • Principles of Hypnotic Communication: Understand the foundational concepts of hypnosis and how they apply to marketing and advertising.

  • Ethical Influence: Learn to use hypnotic techniques to guide consumers towards beneficial decisions, ensuring your marketing practices build trust and integrity.

  • Crafting Persuasive Messages: Master the art of creating messages that speak directly to the subconscious mind, encouraging effective decision-making.

  • Emotional and Rational Appeal: Discover how to balance emotional triggers with rational benefits, making your offers compelling and aligned with your audience’s needs.

  • Building Lasting Relationships: Explore strategies to establish deep connections with your audience, ensuring your brand is perceived as a trusted advisor.

  • Practical Application: Engage in hands-on exercises that allow you to practice and implement hypnotic communication techniques across various marketing platforms.

By the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with the skills to craft persuasive and ethical marketing messages that resonate deeply with your audience, helping them make informed decisions that enhance their lives. Transform your approach to marketing by learning how to communicate with clarity, empathy, and integrity.

Join us to discover the art of Hypnotic Communication and make a positive impact through your marketing efforts. Secure your spot today and start guiding your audience towards better choices!

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Friday November 1, 2024

2-4:30 PM

Includes coffee, refreshments and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $47 (until 1 week before)

Regular $57

"I have saved thousands of dollars that would have been wasted with sales pitches and my ignorance. I can write my own compelling advertising and understand all aspects of running my business.*”

-Rebecca O'Rourke, Director

Kawartha Hypnosis

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to build strong relationships and understand the people around you is crucial for effective leadership and achieving business success. This workshop is designed to equip leaders and professionals with the skills to enhance their interpersonal communication and people-reading abilities.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding Rapport: Learn the fundamentals of rapport and why it is essential in leadership and business. Discover how to quickly establish trust and connection with team members, clients, and stakeholders.

  • People Reading Techniques: Gain insights into non-verbal cues, body language, and micro-expressions to better understand the unspoken emotions and thoughts of those around you.

  • Effective Communication Strategies: Explore advanced communication techniques that foster open dialogue, mutual respect, and productive relationships.

  • Practical Applications: Engage in interactive exercises and role-playing scenarios to practice and refine your rapport-building and people-reading skills.

  • Real-world Examples: Analyze case studies from successful leaders and businesses that have leveraged these skills to achieve remarkable results.

  • Action Plan: Develop a personalized action plan to implement these strategies in your daily interactions and leadership practices.

Whether you're a seasoned leader or an aspiring professional, this workshop will provide you with invaluable tools to elevate your leadership and drive business success.

Join us for this dynamic and engaging workshop to unlock the secrets of building lasting relationships and reading people effectively.

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Friday November 22, 2024

2-4:30 PM

Includes coffee, refreshments and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $47 (until 1 week before)

Regular $57

Martin Rittau_edited_edited_edited.jpg

"Learning rapport skills helped me grow my business 400% over the last 5 years.*"

-Martin Rittau, CEO, RPS Materials Services
Waterford, Ontario, Canada

Open Your Eyes 

“It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars a year that I’m going to be adding to my bottom line and to be able to help people at the same time. I was afraid to take risks. Now I feel like I can go out and take on the world. This is the place you want to come. Your eyes will be open to so many more possibilities.”*

-Brenda Johnston, Nutritional Therapist,

Guelph, Ontario, Canada 




Many business owners struggle with money, and this gets in the way of building a successful business and life. Discover the secrets of how to interact with money effectively so that you are free to fulfill your mission.  For the aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur who is sincere about making a genuine contribution to the world, cultivating a confident money mindset is essential. 


In this workshop, you'll learn to:

  • Intertwine Money and Mission: Understand how your financial success fuels your mission and how a clear, compelling mission can attract more financial resources.

  • Identify and Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Discover the subconscious beliefs holding you back from achieving financial success and learn practical strategies to overcome them.

  • Cultivate a Wealth Mindset: Learn how to use your subconscious mind to attract resources and create sustainable wealth aligned with your mission.

  • Set and Achieve Financial Goals: Gain clarity on your financial objectives and learn the art of setting achievable, measurable goals that support your mission.

  • Enhance Financial Decision-Making: Improve your financial literacy and learn to make informed, strategic decisions that drive your business and mission forward.

  • Build Resilience and Confidence: Strengthen your resilience to navigate challenges with confidence and poise, so that it is easier to guide your mission forward.

Through interactive exercises, real-life case studies, and expert insights, you will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of financial clarity and confidence that is dovetailed with your mission.  You will discover how to use money as a vital tool to complete your mission and, in turn, see how your mission-driven success can generate even greater financial resources.


Join us and discover how to cultivate a healthy money mindset and further your mission.

*** This workshop offers general education on money mindset and business.  We do not provide specific financial advice. If you are looking for specific advice on finances, such as investments, taxes, law or anything else related to money, please consult the appropriate licensed professional.

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Thursday November 14, 2024

7:30-10 AM

Includes a light breakfast, coffee and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $47 (until 1 week before)

Regular $57


Whitney Hammond, principal of Sovereign Wealth Management, has been in personal practice since 1997. Whitney is a recognized leader in the Canadian financial planning field and a frequent speaker at events and the founder of From Wallet to Wealth supporting Halton Women's Place.

Robbie Spier Miller, Director of Hypnosis Training Canada, has been helping people create a healthy money mindset since 2006. . She is an expert in human performance and has helped thousands of people reach their goals by helping them learn how to tap into the power of their subconscious minds. She is a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.

Whitney Hammond_edited.jpg

You know the impact a charismatic and engaging speaker can have. Missing the chance to captivate your audience means missing a valuable opportunity. Seize this moment to discover quick and simple methods to connect with and inspire your audience through the Public Speaking Bootcamp offered by Hypnosis Training Canada.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Overcome fear and distracting jitters

  • Confidently take the stage and speak with ease

  • Craft your message for maximum impact

  • Understand and connect with any audience to address their wants and needs

  • Deliver a memorable experience to your audience

Join us and enjoy the hands-on real life experience that will help you become a more confident and charismatic speaker.

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Saturday September 21, 2024

9 AM - 4:30 PM

Includes refreshments, coffee and networking 


Hypnosis Training Canada

4373 Mainway, Burlington


Early Bird $247 (until 1 week before)

Regular $297

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