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Hypnosis For
Stress Management

Hypnosis can be an effective way to alleviate stress for you and your clients. With the Hypnosis for Stress Management Training, you can join students from across Canada, North America, and around the world for in-person & online certified training to discover fun and powerful ways to let go of stress and thrive.

Interested in taking a Hypnosis for Stress Management course? You can begin with the following courses to start or further your hypnosis career:


Whether you are just starting your career as a hypnotist or looking to further your profession, Hypnosis Training Canada provides a wide range of available training programs to elevate your abilities. 


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Understanding The Relationship Between Stress & Hypnosis


Stress can impact your life in many ways. Utilize the benefits of hypnosis to help reduce stress with the Stress Management Training program from Hypnosis Training Canada. In a recent Blog post, we explore some additional coping mechanisms as well as dive into the ways hypnosis can help you and your clients manage stress by understanding the physical & biological impact it can create.

With Hypnosis for Stress Management Training, you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Feel calm and confident, even when facing challenges.

  • Give yourself an instant escape whenever you need it.

  • Get in your performance zone.

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Workshop Details


Intro to Hypnosis

Fri. July 19 - Mon. July 22, 2024

NLP Training

Fri. June 7 - Mon. June 10, 2024

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