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Nutrition, Biochemistry, Emotions & Hypnosis

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Many people are stuck in believing that their emotions, habits and biology are happening TO them.

In this episode we will explore ideas for what you CAN do to feel better physically and emotionally. You will learn:

  • Ideas for how to improve your eating habits so you can influence your biochemistry and emotions in a positive direction.

  • How exercise can be your best ally in feeling better.

  • Suggestions for making it easy to develop healthier habits.

The ideas shared in this podcast are not medical advice. Please check with your medical doctor so you can make decisions that are right for you.

Hello everybody I'm Robbie Spier Miller your host for The Hypnosis Show Podcast and today we're welcoming someone who's a holistic health coach and has a special interest in emotions and how they're related to gut health and biochemistry. And that's a really interesting topic because we we want to understand that and know what we can do to help ourselves with that so that it can dovetail with subconscious changes. Welcome Rochelle.

Thank you, Thank you for having me.

Yeah, it's great to have you here. So what would be great is is if you can start with sharing with people what your personal journey was with all of this with emotions and your gut and your body and biochemistry like what got you interested in in doing this in the first place.

Yeah, so my history really starts in I was in a lot of toxic and I found myself in an abusive marriage and that's kind of really the start to all of my change. My personal growth. Um, but you know I grew up it I just always got the message that like I was wrong. You know I think a lot of us get that we get that toxic shame instilled like I just I had no self-worth no value in myself like I had no confidence all the things and so I found myself in this marriage and I had lost a job at the time so I was you know I had two kids just completely miserable in. My home life and I decided to join a gym just to literally get out of my house for like 2 hours a day just to get my kids and myself out of the house. Um, and it just like was this slow. It just kind of released a little bit of the fog right? I kind of was able to see a little bit clearer my situation and it just like gave me this slight boost of confidence enough that. Was able to just look at myself in the mirror one day and I was like I can't do this I'm miserable I don't want my kids to think that this is normal like I don't want my son to think that he should treat a woman like this or my daughter to think that this is how a man is supposed to treat her and so yeah, my ex went for a job interview and I packed up as much as I could and we left. And it was just like a really slow long journey from there of just really getting to know myself and because it started in fitness you know, gradually I began to try and eat better I was trying to drink less because at the time I was drinking a ton just to be able to get to bed at night just to be able to soothe myself. Um, and get to bed and so I started drinking less I started eating better and I just I felt better. Overall my emotions were I'll say they started going crazy at first because when you don't feel them for so long and then you allow them in right? But then I learn the tools to self-regulate and then with gut health and all of these. Tools like physical health. It was just kind of like this handinhand process and then I came across I don't know if if anyone's familiar with um, a system called human design and it's just a synthesis of like astrology the chinese e qing caalatry of life. Ah, the chakra system and quantum physics and so I just found it fascinating and it just kind of like showed me so much about who I was and it really added this self-acceptance piece. So within this I decided to go to school for gut health holistic health and further focus in gut health because I found the gut and emotions that tie so fascinating. Um, and so yeah I just spent eighteen months after that getting these certifications and started my podcast emotional mastery which is all about emotions and it really started as a space to just use my voice because that was the thing I felt was so stifled throughout my life I could never speak my truth I never I didn't even know my truth right? but.

That's kind of where that started and now I am also getting a certification are Ayerveda to become a practitioner and so it's just kind of flowed from there and I just you know in learning to self-regulate and learning all these mindfulness tools. You know, being able to create better health for myself and just really really tapping into my body and Understanding. What actually feels good. What my body needs when my body is out of sync. You know it's just it's very.. It's a slow process but it's just a beautiful unfolding and so that is basically my story and how I'm just really got into the gut health and emotions.

Okay, cool and so it's it's interesting because as you tell this story real change started to happen when you were physically making different choices and having physical activity or doing things differently and from there you were able to.

Your possibilities and change your mind and one of the things that we talk about in hypnosis is that you always want to change physiology first and when you do that. It's easier to change your mind right? which and what you did.

Yeah, and absolutely and I think you know when you're moving your body emotions are energy in motion right? So It's like when we actually get to move and shake things up it really really does move around that energy and shift it in such a physical way that yeah it does. Like I said it clears that fog a little bit and allows you to be more mentally clear right? Then you're sleeping Better. You're wanting to make better choices. So There's just yeah, there's so much that go along with it and I think it's just like it's the it's the cycle right? once you feel better then your emotions feel better. Your physically feel better and it's this circle so and in the reverse right? when we don't feel good. We don't make good. Eating choices. We don't sleep. Well so it's like something has to you have to like stop that pattern somehow and yeah for me, it was definitely definitely moving my body and feeling it physically made that change.

Yeah, because your state of mind is a combination of your experiences and all your senses plus your biochemistry and so when you influence biochemistry it changes your state of mind and you can also change your state of mind with hypnosis and other.

Experiences from that side of things.

Yeah, it's It's a powerful and beautiful process for sure.

Like yeah, Great. So um, what I'd love to know more about is what you've learned about how you know are there things wisdom or recommendations you can make around how people can influence their biochemistry and their gut health. So that they can feel healthier and as I ask this question I Want to make sure our audience knows that wherever you live you got to check with somebody who's a licensed person in your area about any nutrition or medical Advice. We're not doctors. We're not making any any medical recommendations here. Um, but it's really interesting just to hear about what's possible so that we have better questions to ask or people can research for themselves. What might help them.

Yeah, exactly I would. That's exactly how it's going to start, especially when I talk about probiotics and things like that. It's definitely make sure you're checking with your doctor going to get if you need to get blood work done lab work done get those levels checked before you implement any sort of you know, probiotic or just really and really. Tuning into your body and trusting your body because I also think I believe that our body does know best and so yeah, knowing the questions and having the tools like when you do go to the doctor knowing what to ask? but I always say like when it comes to gut Health You know we have this like standard of health that we feel and I think a lot of people think that like headaches floating gas All of these things are like a normal. Thing that we all feel right? and it's not like we don't have to feel these things We don't have to feel Blooded. We don't have to feel gas and we don't have to feel brain fog and headaches and it really comes down to your gut right? like there's so much that relates to your gut 90% of illnesses are stress related and stress massively affects the health of your gut. Um, and so really trying starting to get that in in sync and in that working well and I do recommend probiotics again Check with your doctor and check what your levels are but I personally I use Seed probiotics. There are so many brands out there. Um, I think there's a lot of promises on the labels and things like that. So just kind of doing a little bit of research in that. But you know when it comes to diet eliminating sugar is if you think about your gut as like ah like a universe or a town of its own. We have good probiotics. And then we have bad probiotics right? and they all work together and it's it's like you know, take care of your body and your body we'll take care of you. It's the symbiotic relationship. So when we're eating sugar specifically sugar feeds the bad bacteria and so when you think about it. You know our body needs sugar certain sugars right? like carbohydrates break break down to sugar. But when you're thinking like. Process Food is sugar. That's how it metabolizes in your stomach. So when you're eating processed food. It's feeding the bad bacteria when you're having you know like just regular refined sugar. It's feeding bad Bacteria. So. It's really being mindful of and it's not going to be an overnight change right? A lot of people. We are physically addicted to the food that we're putting into our body. So It's these slow manageable manageable changes if you drink Juice Ah, an easy change is just eliminating juice from your diet but really paying attention to the amount of sugar that you're having because it isn't everything right? I mean even just even.

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