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Building Resilience

Discover how hypnosis and neuro-linguistics (NLP) can help you to navigate challenges and changes - personally and with your career.

Robbie Spier Miller of Hypnosis Training Canada smiling; building resilience training course

When I was in my twenties, my friend Jeff showed me the big gap in my ability to handle tough times, just by living his life. When we first met, he was like a fireworks show of creativity, had many meaningful relationships, and was building an impressive journalism career. I thought he just had a magic touch.

Then, in his late twenties, Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given a year to live. As he went through experimental cancer treatments, hoping for a miracle, I was blown away by his spirit. He lost his health, his career, his girlfriend, and his independence. But he still managed to find new ways to have fun, connect with people, and make a difference.

Jeff lit a fire in me to start living my own life to the fullest. I wanted to have the courage to dream big and chase those dreams, even when the journey gets tough. But even with these new intentions, I struggled to break out of my old habits. I found the way through by learning and applying hypnosis and NLP.

Take the Resilience Building Course Today

In this online Building Resilience training, I share the treasure trove of wisdom and practical skills I've gathered from nearly 20 years as a human performance expert.


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