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5 Strategies for Getting & Staying On Your Mission

Updated: Apr 16

Many people today are facing high stress and are overwhelmed. This impacts health, relationships, finances and business success.

When people feel a sense of mission and purpose in their lives, they tend to approach life with a sense of possibility and enthusiasm. This can help buffer the challenges, stresses and disappointments we all face.  

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Here are 5 key ways learning hypnosis can help you be connected to staying on your mission and confidently take action in that direction. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a certified hypnotist in Canada, view our upcoming hypnosis training courses available in Ontario

Discover How To Escape Old Repetitive Responses & Stay On Your Mission With Hypnosis Training

Strategy 1 - Escaping The Traps Of Pride And Self-Pity With Hypnosis Training

When we have too much pride in our success, we can be blind to areas that need improvement.  This can foster stagnation and resistance to changing ourselves. 

Self-pity can perpetuate a victim mentality.  Victimhood blames people or situations, and this can hinder our ability to take responsibility for building our future.  

Hypnosis training can offer a healthy and effective avenue for making subconscious changes to free ourselves from these types of repetitive subconscious responses to our circumstances. Hypnosis provides a tool to reshape ingrained behaviours and entrenched habits, allowing for a more profound and sustainable evolution towards the best version of ourselves.

Strategy 2 - The Role Of Imagination & How Hypnosis Can Help

Many people only believe what has already happened, and struggle to imagine a different future.  One of the keys to getting outcomes is the ability to imagine building something that does not yet exist.  

If we look at what people have invented, we can see many instances where human imagination has triumphed to change the world.  Examples are the invention of the lightbulb, the process of pasteurization, and the smartphone.  Once these inventions are part of our reality, we believe in them.  However, someone had to imagine them in the first place to create them.  

As the designer of your future, learning how to imagine creating something new is foundational to discovering what is possible for you. When you learn hypnosis, you are flexing your imagination muscles, which helps you place your focus your awareness on building something new.

Strategy 3 - Modeling Others With The Help Of Hypnosis

An excellent strategy for pursuing personal growth and success is seeking inspiration from real-world role models. This involves both observing and embracing their mindset, behaviours, and attitudes.   

Countless people have created success for themselves in all areas of life.  Examples are people who have lost weight and learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle, become successful entrepreneurs, or have grown into excellent parents.  If these people were able to do it, others could build similar success by embracing the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of those who have already succeeded.

Children are naturals at modelling. This innate capacity to observe, learn, and emulate can be used to learn valuable ways of being and doing in the world. 

Learning hypnosis enhances the natural ability we have to model others.  With hypnosis, we can learn to use the power of the subconscious to help us effectively model successful people. This is true across many different occupations as the fundamentals of hypnosis can overlap with other professions such as teaching. The model can serve as a blueprint for excellence, allowing individuals to integrate valuable attributes into their journeys toward success.  

Strategy 4 - Focusing Towards Pleasure Helps You Build Something New

People who focus on creating more pleasure in their lives tend to propel themselves towards their goals with greater momentum. By harnessing the positive energy and enthusiasm of chasing pleasurable experiences, it is easier and more rewarding to stay focused on creating the end goal. 

Our subconscious minds tend to focus more on preventing pain and loss than creating pleasure.  This is simply because it is the job of our subconscious mind to protect us from danger.  To do this, we need to pay attention to fear and pain.  However, most of the time, most of us are not in a situation of danger.  So, avoiding pain is not as important as our subconscious minds perceive it to be.  This can get in the way of living fully. 

With the help of hypnosis, we can train our subconscious minds to focus more on the pleasure of creating possibilities and pay attention to the risk of pain or loss only to the degree that it is useful.

Strategy 5 - Embracing Challenges To Expand Your Experiences And Abilities

Being willing to move through challenges helps a great deal in pursuing growth. Stepping out of one's comfort zone and confronting challenges head-on fosters resilience, adaptability, and an opportunity to expand our capabilities. 

There can be a wonderful synergy of using our imaginations to build the future, modelling others to expand our capacities, and courageously moving through the discomfort of change so we can achieve our personal and professional aspirations.

Bonus: The Ripple Effect Of Growth On Others

The journey of personal growth extends far beyond individual transformation, creating a profound impact that resonates across various facets of life. This metamorphosis not only shapes an individual's character but also influences their relationships, work dynamics, and the broader sphere of existence. 

The ripple effect initiated by positive changes in one person's life often touches the lives of those in their immediate surroundings. It underscores the interconnectedness of personal and global change, emphasizing that the choices we make in our quests for growth can reverberate on a larger scale. 

A person's heightened self-awareness, resilience, and empathy radiate outward, fostering healthier relationships, inspiring others, and contributing to a more positive and harmonious societal landscape. In recognizing the profound interplay between personal and collective evolution, individuals become catalysts for broader change, each positive step resonating as a testament to the far-reaching impacts of investing in our growth and success.

Discover How Hypnosis Can Help With Staying On Your Mission

Hypnosis offers several ways to help yourself and those around you. Whether you are just starting a career in hypnosis, you have an established practice and looking to refine your skills, or you are interested in learning how hypnosis can become a second career option for you, contact Hypnosis Training Canada today. Join students from across Ontario, Canada, the US, and around the world for hands-on training. We also provide a free consultation to answer any questions you may have.

For additional support with stress management, weight loss, quitting smoking, or the additional ways hypnosis can be beneficial to you, you can learn more about becoming a client of the Burlington Hypnosis Centre by contacting Tree today.


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