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Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

How To Get The Most From Your Hypnosis Training (& Just About Anything Else You Want To Learn In Life)


When it comes to becoming a hypnotist, even with the best of learning intentions, sometimes people can sabotage their learning without even realizing it. Hypnosis Training Canada has put together some potential pitfalls to watch out for during your training:

1. Defending existing beliefs

Some people aren’t interested in learning something new. They simply want the validating feeling of confirming what they already believe. So they look for others who agree and dig their heels in and defend their beliefs. This leaves people stuck where they started, instead of gaining an appreciation for a different perspective that can help.

2. Shopping for information or techniques

Many people gather information to look smart, bolster their self-confidence or feel superior. They may want to find “the” magical technique or the perfect script or word salad that will solve everything. Executing techniques without embedding them in the values, attitudes and beliefs that give them their power is an impoverished version of what is possible. At best it’s like elevator music. At worst it can be like listening to music played completely out of tune.

3. Wanting to prove you’re smart. AKA “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Nobody cares that you are smart. They care about getting results. If you are truly wanting to help others, you are willing to model what works. End of story. Rationalizing and debating and deciding YOUR opinion is a navel-gazing distraction. You don’t even know enough to HAVE a valid opinion yet. And if you are in your head, you are not taking in the world around you. First, you need to immerse yourself in the experience, change yourself, get some experience working with clients, and then you will begin to truly appreciate what it takes to do powerful hypnotic change work.

4. Wanting to be unique

Some people live their lives as an expression of themselves. They want to learn and do what seems to fit who they believe they are. By definition, this is about the hypnotist, not about doing whatever it takes to help the client get results.

5. Avoiding the hands-on experience

Sometimes people over-focus on observing others do hypnosis or reading about hypnosis, and fail to give themselves the hands-on practice it takes to master. This often comes from a fear of failing, feeling pressure to get it ‘right’ or self-consciousness. We tend to learn a lot more from failure than from success. So be willing to learn how to loosen up about this, and do it even if it’s uncomfortable.

If you think you are vulnerable to any or many of the above pitfalls, now you can catch yourself before you get stuck in them. As part of your hypnosis training, you will also learn how to break out of the hypnotic trance that created these traps in the first place. This will help you avoid the siren song of superficial learning, and stay the course to learn how to become a hypnotist that gets results.

At Hypnosis Training Canada, your hypnosis training offers you a rich interactive experience. The information and techniques you learn must be experienced in the context that gives them their power. We believe that to truly become masterful at hypnosis, this is the best way to learn. Here are some important ways you can make the most of your learning environment:

Be Curious: Here’s How
  • Observe people and the dynamics between them.

  • Watch your instructor help others transform, so you can model how to do it with your hypnosis clients.

  • Welcome feedback about yourself (especially if it’s uncomfortable) so you can grow yourself.

  • Be willing to increase your behaviour flexibility. This will help you grow through your own challenges, and enhance your ability to help others. The insight you get by experiencing changing yourself is invaluable for helping others change with hypnosis.

  • Be willing to have your attitudes and beliefs challenged. If you are uncomfortable, welcome it. You need to allow yourself to make it to the other side of the firewalk to get the real wisdom and transformation you need.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You must master the skills and learn them so well that they are automatic. That way when you are with a client you can focus on the client, and customize their experience based on what they need at that moment.

When you are ready to experience in-depth hands-on hypnosis training, call for your free admissions consultation. You can contact us today for more information or book a free consultation online!

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