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Fall Business Mindset Seminar Series

Updated: Jun 24

Discover the mindset for success with workshops on public speaking, hypnotic marketing, networking with confidence, rapport, people reading and communication skills, money and more.

With the emergence of AI automation, the quality of your connections and communication with people is becoming more and more important to business success. Hypnosis Training Canada has created a series of business-oriented seminars to help entrepreneurs, executives, and decision-makers across multiple industries. Learn more about our business seminars today!

This seminar series is designed for busy entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders and professionals looking to sharpen their people skills, expand their networks, and stay ahead.

Neuroscience has proven what hypnotists have been observing for centuries: That subconscious communication can help your mind break out of old patterns and become more flexible and open to growth and learning. Science has also been shown to help with regulating emotions, reducing stress, improving communication, and increasing social connection.

Why Attend Our Business Seminars

More information on these upcoming seminars will be shared soon. Be sure to subscribe to receive email notifications for more details & how you can register. Attending can help you:

  • Enhance Your Communication Skills: Learn strategies to communicate with clarity and confidence, so that your message resonates with your audience.

  • Build Stronger Relationships: Discover ways to build trust and collaboration with your colleagues, team members and clients.

  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Get quick and easy tips to help yourself embrace challenges, welcome and appreciate feedback, and persist even when going through the inevitable ups and downs.

  • Lead with Connection & Empathy: Understand how to expand your ability to connect with others and be a leader who can dovetail prioritizing people with achieving powerful business outcomes.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Business Mindset Seminar Series in the fall with 6 exciting themes (click on each link to learn more and register):

  • Networking With Confidence: Building Valuable Connections

  • Mastering Rapport and People Reading: Keys to Leadership and Business Success

  • Harnessing Emotions: Energize Your Business with Emotional Mastery

  • Hypnotic Communication for Marketers: Guiding Decisions for Positive Impact

  • Mission-Driven Wealth: Mastering the Money Mindset for Entrepreneurial Success

  • Speak Like A Pro: Public Speaking Bootcamp

Bonus! Build Your Network With Our Bussiness Seminars

Enjoy refreshments while networking with other business people.

Register early - space is limited!

Networking With Confidence - Register Now

Mastering Rapport and People Reading - Register Now

Harnessing Emotions - Register Now

Hypnotic Communication For Marketers - Register Now

Speak Like A Pro - Register Now

Stay Tuned for More Updates

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more exciting topics and dates in our Business Seminar Series. Join our email list for the latest updates and announcements.

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