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Hypnosis For Forgiveness

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Letting Go of Negative Attachments with

Ho'Oponpono & Hypnosis

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to move forward from a negative situation? We all carry around old negative thoughts and feelings that can distract us and drain us of energy. It can also affect our relationships, our well-being, and how we feel about ourselves. Fortunately, there is a solution.

The Hawaiian forgiveness process called Ho'Oponopono can help us let go of old negative attachments and free ourselves to focus on what we do want. Let’s explore this ancient practice and discover how it can benefit our lives. Subscribe to the Hypnosis Training Canada Newsletter and stay up to date on the latest news, Blog posts, and upcoming hypnosis training in Ontario.

What Is Ho’Oponopono?

Ho'Oponpono is an ancient Hawaiian hypnosis practice that has been used for centuries to restore inner peace, harmony, and balance in individuals, families, and even communities. The four components of the practice are “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me”, and “Thank you”.

When practiced sincerely, these four statements create a powerful shift in consciousness that can help us let go of old negative attachments so we can move forward with clarity and intention. It works because it helps our subconscious mind remember that all things are connected at a deep level. When we make amends for any harm done towards another person or situation, we are in effect making amends for any harm done towards ourselves as well.

The practice of Ho'Oponopono requires us to take responsibility for our actions and emotions without judgment or guilt. We must first recognize the emotions behind the issue – whether it be anger, sadness or fear – then examine our beliefs around the issue before taking action to resolve it in a healthy way.

This process encourages perspective, which helps us gain more insight into our own behaviour as well as other people's behaviour. Additionally, self-reflection helps us uncover false beliefs that may have been holding us back from living a life of joy and abundance.

When using Ho'Oponopono to forgive oneself or another person, it's important to remember that it isn't about 'fixing' someone else or trying to control someone else's behaviour. Rather, it is about releasing un-useful subconscious thoughts and emotions in order to free ourselves to build a better future and healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

Once we release our negative attachments, we are freer to respond to ourselves, our experiences, and other people in a healthy way. People discover what a relief it is to no longer be reacting impulsively out of fear or anger which can damage our self-esteem, well-being and relationships. By repeating the four simple phrases while in hypnosis, one can begin to heal from any negative energy that may have been created due to unresolved emotions such as anger or sadness. This can help restore balance within both oneself as well as relationships with others. The negative emotion may be a result of something specific that happened, or a general feeling.

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to practice Ho'Oponopono. Everyone's journey will be unique and different depending on their individual circumstances. In addition to learning how to forgive yourself and others through this hypnosis process, you may also find inspiring real-life examples of how this practice has positively impacted people's lives in amazing ways.

Hypnosis For Forgiveness Does Not Mean Excusing What Happened

Some people believe that forgiving means excusing what happens. The truth is, that holding a grudge or refusing to forgive often hurts YOU the most. In addition, if you are holding on to the past, you are re-living the negative event and/or emotions over and again. Only you can decide that you want a better future. Ho'Oponopono is a way to learn how to free yourself from the past so that you can have more choices in designing your future.

The Hawaiian forgiveness process known as Ho'Oponopono offers not only an opportunity to heal old wounds but also potential for growth in areas such as relationships and emotional well-being. Through subconscious self-reflection combined with sincere forgiveness toward yourself and others - both past mistakes and present situations - you will experience greater clarity and freedom than ever before!

Practicing Ho'Oponopono will help you live from a place of true forgiveness. Too often people get stuck in martyring themselves by trying too hard to forgive someone who they feel doesn't deserve it, or punishing themselves for something that is already in the past.

Some people find it helpful to get professional feedback while they are learning how to forgive. An expert can help you see your blind spots and discover new choices. One-on-one and group hypnosis experiences can be powerful ways to access the experiences that can help you transform yourself.


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